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Testimonials 客戶分享

VTC 職業訓練局
HKUST 香港科技大學

Peter, thank you for your comprehensive and insightful presentation on Sartorial Dressing. You have provided all the answers to the questions most men ask these days - What do I look good in and why? I have no doubt that your expertise will benefit any style-conscious man (be it fresh graduate or CEO) wishing to expand his dressing knowledge.

Samuel Lau
President 2009, The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong

Dear Peter & Fanny,

We thank both of you so much for your expert views, suggestions and care for our photos. Without you two our wedding pics won't be that beautiful. …I would definitely let my friends and clients know that you provide great image upgrade services!

Dr. Ian Yip and Asta Wong

Before meeting Fanny, I was feeling really down on myself and didn’t believe in myself nor did I like who I saw in the mirror. Fanny has successfully transformed me into a beautiful, confident, strong, independent, take charge woman. She has not only changed my appearance but also helped me realize that life is exciting and a joy to live and experience.

Thanks Fanny for her time and effort to teach me how to mould myself and portray an image of how I feel and how I want people to see me. It was worth investing in these services which have enhanced my visual appearance, improved my self-image and confidence as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Felt very good.

Lana Choi

The color analysis was very interesting. It not only made me realize the importance of color on personal image but also taught me how to choose the right colors that suit me best. With the professional advice given by Fanny, I have reorganized my wardrobe and got rid of all the items that I didn’t think I’d wear again. My wardrobe looks much better than before and it’s easier to manage now. Carrying the right colors together with a little makeup done by Fanny is a refreshing experience for me.

Karies Ip
District Manager

I wanted to write to thank you for your great work. Your advice on my image consultation and wardrobe management gave me the clarity on my style and the best colors for me. The whole consultation process has been fascinating and magical that I discovered amazing clothes that I would not have previously tried on. The clothes now I am wearing not only look better, but they also make me feel more confident with myself. Well done Peter.

Simon Mak
Bank Manager



在一次很偶然的機會認識李翠蘭形象顧問公司負責人 Fanny Lee,細聽她對個人形象的理論,本人認同並參加有關課程。自從參加了度身設計的課程後,令我重拾自信,人也開朗了,在此多謝李翠蘭顧問公司的各位導師。

Grace Tsui
Company Director

Recently, more and more people are concerned with their personal image, and image consultancy has gained popularity.  I was pleased to have found Fanny Lee Image Consultancy on the Internet last year.  Both Fanny and Peter are friendly and knowledgeable in their specialization in personal branding.  I would recommend Fanny Lee Image Consultancy and its courses to anyone who wants to improve their image and to establish personal branding.  In particular, I would suggest office gents should consider taking a course led by Peter.  Peter is an absolute dress codes expert and will teach you how to dress right under different seasons. 

Fanny, I wish you and your company success.

Katherine Lee

I had never thought shopping was such a great fun before I met Fanny. Before we went shopping, Fanny thoroughly analyzed my figure and talked to me about how I felt or wanted to feel when I was doing what I was passionate about. She advised me to the appropriate clothes that would promote that feeling visually and encouraged me to try on things I would never have considered in the past I have received a lot of compliments on my new look and would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to change their personal image or better manage their wardrobe. Thank you, Fanny.

Judy Mui
Vice President - Implementation
FlexSystem Enterprise Solutions


I’ve known Peter for over twenty years, his life long pursuit of sartorial knowledge has made him the expert of choice for men seeking to elevate his dressing style.

Larry Ma